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Monday, 16 October 2017

OT Networking Event following Calgary Meeting this Friday

October is OT Month, and it’s the perfect time to promote the OT profession and network with your associates. It’s also a wonderful opportunity for OTs, students and other practitioners to spend time and share clinical/practicing interests and experience and build networks and relationships. 
Join hosts on the SAOT Board of Directors for some complimentary appetizers and informal conversations at one of the following networking events planned in several locations across Alberta. 

Calgary – Hosted by Robyn Scott, SAOT Director

Date: Friday, October 20, 2017
Time: 7:30 – 9:30 p.m.
Location: The Joyce Pub on 4th, 506 – 24 Avenue SW, Calgary, AB

This is immediately following the Calgary Pediatric Interest Group meeting this Friday.

OT Assessments, Resources, Tools, and Equipment for Sale in Calgary


I closed my Kids Can… Clinic/Office in July of 2016 and officially retired earlier this year. I still have some assessments, protocol sheets, resources, tools and equipment that I either did not sell or donate previously, or I used until I retired; I also have some home office items for sale. I have listed the items below with a suggested selling price, but am open to offers. What ever is not sold by October 24th, goes to re-cycle! First come, first served!

If you are interested in any of the items below, please phone me at 403-818-8483 and make arrangements to pick them up before October 24, 2017.

Colleen Basaraba,
Occupational Therapy & Educational Consulting Services, Inc.


1.  SPM – P: Sensory Processing Measure – Pre-School – Home Form only. Standardized for ages 2.0 – 5.11 years old. 101 Home Forms @ $.50 each; will sell all 101 forms for $45.00 OBO.

2.  SIPT: Sensory Integration & Praxis Test:
·       Manual. Used but in good condition. $30.00.
·       15 Sets of complete Test Protocol Scoring Sheets. $15.00/set OBO.
·       $1.00 each for the following test forms; buy all of them for a total reduced price!
o   50 Motor Accuracy Tests
o   28 Design Copying Test Booklets
o   20 Kinesthesia Tests

3.  BOTMP: Bruininks-Oseretsky Test of Motor Proficiency – in original metal assessment box, but also with fabric carrying case, both good for travelling to various sites. Complete test with manual, 16 Individual Record Forms, and 27 Student Booklets. $30.00 for complete set.

4.  TVPS-R: Test of Visual Perceptual Skills (Non-Motor) – Revised, by Morrison Gardner. Standardized for ages 4.0 – 12.5 years old. Protocol Sheets, Two unopened packages of 25 test protocols for $10.00/package. Nine test protocols from an opened package left: $.50 each.

5.  TVPS – UL: Test of Visual Perceptual Skills (Non-Motor) – Upper Level by Morrison Gardner. Standardized for ages 12-17 years old. Like new condition. Book of Test Plates ($25.00) and Manual ($10.00), or $30.00 for both, including one remaining protocol sheet.

6.  TVMS-UL: Test of Visual-Motor Skills – Upper Level by Morrison Gardner. Standardized for ages 12-39 years old (Yes, 39 years old, so let your colleagues in adult rehab know!). Like new condition. Manual ($30.00). Test Booklets: 12 @ $3.00 each or $30.00 for all 12 test booklets, including score sheets for each test booklet. $50.00 for complete set.

7.  TVMI: Test of Visual Motor Integration by Hammill, Pearson & Votes. Standardized for ages 4.0 – 17.11 years. New, never used; manual and 50 test response booklets still in box. New costs CDN $260.00, but will sell for $100.00 OBO.


1.  OT Henry / Diana Henry Products:
·       “Tool Chest: For Teachers, Parents & Students” – ‘A Handbook to Facilitate Self-Regulation’ that supports “Tools for Teachers” and “Tools for Students” DVDs. Two copies, new. $10.00 each.
·       “Tools for Students” DVD – ‘Tool Chest Activities for Home and School’. One copy, $12.00.
·       “Tools for Teachers” DVD – ‘Sensory Integration in the Schools’. One copy, $12.00.

2.  “Practical Considerations for School – Based Occupational Therapists” by Pape, Ryba with Jane Case-smith. Includes a DVD. Like new condition. $20.00.

3.  “Handwriting Without Tears” ‘Cursive Teacher’s Guide’ and the accompanying ‘Cursive Handwriting’ student workbook (Grade Three), by Jan Olsen. $15.00 for both books.

4.  “Handwriting Program for Print” by Bertin & Perlman. Like new condition. $15.00. “Handwriting Program for Numerals” by Bertin & Perlman. Like new condition. $5.00. Buy both books for $15.00.

5.  “Let’s Do It – Write!” by Kushnir. Two workbooks in like new condition:
·       “Writing Readiness”. $10.00.
·       “Copying From the board”. $10.00
·       Buy both for $15.00.

6.  Zaner-Bloser’s “Fun with Handwriting – Over 101 Ways to improve students’ handwriting”. Like new condition. $8.00.

7.  “Manuscript Handwriting Practice” workbook for Grades 1-2. Like new condition. $3.00.

8.  “Advanced Manuscript Handwriting” workbook for Grades 1-3. Like new condition. $7.00.

9.  “Basics First Alphabet” teachers’ guide and idea for teaching letter recognition and manuscript handwriting for Pre-school – Grade 1. Like new condition. $3.00.

10.  “Drill It Workbook: Handwriting – Beginning Manuscript” child / student workbook for Pre-school – Grade 1. Like new condition. $7.00.

11.  “Fluent Handwriting” by Barchowsky. Combines teaching guide for manuscript to D’Nealian script with a CD with teaching ideas, fonts, etc. Like new condition. $8.00.

12.  “D’Nealian Home/School Activities – Cursive Practice for Grades 4-6”, by Gregorich. While the title refers to D’Nealian, it is the cursive handwriting style/font that has been and is taught in Alberta schools. A teaching guide full of ideas. Like new condition. $8.00.

13.  Various editions and booklets to explain Sensory Integration to parents. $1.00 each.

14.  “Sourcebook for Children with Attention Deficit Disorder – A Management Guide for Early Childhood Professionals and Parents”, published by Communication Skill Builders. Like new condition. $10.00.

15.  “Sensory Defensiveness in Children Aged 2-12 – An Intervention Guide for Parents and Other Caretakers”, by Patricia and Julia Wilbarger. A great resource for OTs using the Wilbarger Protocol, but also useful to lend out to parents and caregivers who will administer the Wilbarger Protocol. $3.00.


1.  Variety of pens, pencils, mechanical pencils and leads, and other handwriting tools, some more re-hab than the majority. Priced to sell, some free!

2.  A variety of fidgets and ‘squishes’. From free to $2.00 each.

3.  NexXTech Stop Watch. Great for assessing! Has several modes, including ‘split-reset’ and alarm clock. Water resistant. $8.00.

4.  Variety of Office Supplies: Letter size hanging files, legal size on-desk/counter top open file containers, legal size alphabet file dividers for filing drawers/cabinets, Banker’s boxes for storing files, etc. etc. All priced to sell.

5.  ‘Sunar’ File Cabinets: Two very heavy commercial grade letter size five drawer file cabinets; each drawer is fitted with a hanging file frame. Easy glide opening drawers. Each is 15” wide X 28” deep X 58” high. Dark olive green in color. Very good condition. $100.00 each.

6.  Two two-line corded telephones in very good working order; $15.00 each. One four-mail box digital answering machine; $10.00 each.

7.  Variety of briefcases, computer bags and backpacks; some new and others ‘gently used’; various sizes. Various prices from free to $30.00.

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Pediatric Interest Group Meeting in Calgary on October 20th


When: Friday October 20th, from 5:30-7:00
Where:                 The Ability Hub
                                Green Room
                                #300, 3820 24 ave NW Calgary

Even pediatric OTs can assist families to begin thinking about their future vision. How do childhood goals, ISPs and therapy plans set up for success as an adult? Join us Friday October 20th at The Ability Hub for open discussion regarding the translation of childhood skills into adult skills, and the importance of exploring your future vision early. Sara Baker, OT will be offering tools for planning for life’s transitions, which can start in early childhood, followed by a round table of open practice questions.

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Early bird pricing for Social Thinking conference

Early Bird Pricing extended until October 6, 2017!

Social Thinking conference is coming back!!! October 27 & 28, 2017!!! Kari Palmer-Zweber is returning to Calgary to present a 2-day course.  

Check the following link for the latest info:

Contact Krista Plosz at growingskills@gmail.com or Nicole Dickson at ndickson@shaw.ca 

Pediatric Dysphagia Books For Sale

I am selling three pediatric dysphagia books.  $50 each.  In very good to excellent condition.  Contact Judith at 780-289-3871(phone or text).  Pick up in Edmonton or can be mailed.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Social Thinking Conference in Calgary

We are SO excited to be welcoming Kari Zweber Palmer back to Calgary on October 27 & 28, 2017 to teach and inspire us once again on Social Thinking!

It will be another amazing 2 days of learning!!! 

Day 1: Teaching Social Thinking to Early Learners through Stories and Play-Based Activities
Day 2: Social Detective, Superflex, and Friends Take on Social Emotional Learning 

This combination will focus mostly on preschool and early elementary students.  Day 1 was originally presented back in 2014 but it has changed a lot since then.  Content is focused on 4-7 year olds and We Thinkers.  Day 2 is "Superflex" day.  Content is best applicable for elementary students.  It is the next step, curriculum-wise, after students have gone through We Thinkers.  Some additional time will be spent at the end of the day, talking about how to apply the content to older (Middle/High school).

Please check my website after this date: http://www.growingskillsot.com/educationworkshops.html

Registration form can be found here

We welcome any questions or inquiries to:


We look forward to seeing you in October!

Krista & Nicole

Connecting Dots for Tots

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

IDEAS Fall Programs 2017

Upcoming Calgary Meeting on October 20th

Notes and Next Meeting in Calgary

A Pediatric Interest Group meeting was attended by 9 people on Sept 8, 2017 at Spring OT, hosted by the owner, Trish Williams, whom some will know from her instruction of courses at the Calgary campus of the UofA OT program. We toured her sensory integration and fine motor rooms.

Jen Bodiguel (New Heights School) shared information from a course by Barry Prizant on the SCERTS program,  brought to her workplace at New Heights. The SCERTS® Model is a comprehensive, team-based, multidisciplinary model for enhancing abilities in Social Communication and Emotional Regulation, and implementing Transactional Supports for children and older individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and their families, a model which is great for developing goals such as “does the child explore sensory environment”

An article in the New York times was eye opening for those writing IPP goals for people on the spectrum:

Another resource mentioned was:

For explaining vestibular to families:

We discussed vestibular strategies. The idea that vesibular input could improve printing by increasing tone was discussed. The wiggle pen (or z-vibe with pen attachment, or time with vibrating tooth brush from the dollar store) was suggested as a direct effect on tone in the hand – with the reminder to always include proprioceptive input such as playing in a bin of beans. Many more strategies were suggested to improve tone in general and especially in the shoulder girdle and postural core.  
Favorites included:
-       Platform swing
-       Scooter boards
-       Log rolling
-       Mini trampolines
-       Physio balls
-       Standing on a bocce ball in eyes open and eyes closed
-       Lycra swing or any old blanket held on each end by two adults, child is swayed/ wiggled
-       The Ikea egg was a favourite for the Low Registration (Eeyore type kids).
Stop and go was suggested for preventing over-stimulation. Stop and do something functional, then spin again to make use of the organizing effects of vestibular input. A few times one direction then a few the other to prevent habituation to the input in one direction.
We were reminded:
-       To explain vestibular strategies in such a way that parents will be able to use by just talking about head movements.
-       That the saccule and utricle are tonic (always firing) –thus causing tone, helping develop core strength.
-       “You have to know where you are but your body is not always in motions.”
-       Spinning (rotational movement, semicircular canal activation) is alerting but linear movement (otolith activation – based on gravity)  is calming.
-       Semicircular canal problems can cause otolith problems therefore if a person is getting dizzy when turning one direction, stop rotational input and move to the floor (play Jenga, LEGO) and do plenty of proprio
-       Change the plane throughout a session/day
-       It takes 5 trials to build a motor engram
-       Start where they are: find out what is being avoided (runs because static posture is too hard), and build from there.
-       Monitor for signs of too much vestibular input: wobbly head, fight or flight (wide eyes).

Next meeting: October 20 at 5:30 at the Ability Hub in the Green Room
 Re: Thinking about adulthood potential during childhood. All are welcome. Come to share case examples of volunteer work and early jobs or activities such as childhood chores and here about the difference between the IPP and the adult version, ITP

Save the date:
A tentative date was set for Jen Bodiguel to host at New Heights in the Currie Barracks on:
January 19 at 5:30

GYPSD Occupational Therapist Position

GYPSD Occupational Therapists
Grande Yellowhead Public School Division No. 77 is currently looking to fill a full-time Occupational Therapist position commencing as soon as possible.  The successful candidate will work out of the Edson area.
The purpose of this position is to serve as part of the Grande Yellowhead Public School Division School-Linked Team to assist school teams to develop strategies and action plans to strengthen inclusive practices and better meet the diverse learning needs of all students.
Duties of the Occupational Therapist will include:
  • Liaise with division personnel and parents in a team focused approach within the Collaborative Response Model Framework
  • Administer, score and interpret standardized occupational therapy assessments for the purpose of assisting teachers in the classroom
  • Provide intervention strategies (universal, targeted and specialized) and program development
  • Conduct and model occupational therapy within the context of typical classroom activities
  • Contribute to student IPP development and program planning
  • Facilitate professional development for parents, teachers and educational assistants
  • EYE – work collaboratively with the Early Learning Coach to support observations and completion of Functional Statement as part of the multi-disciplinary team

Preference will be given to applicants who possess:
  • Masters or Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy or equivalent including course work in assessment and treatment of fine motor, visual motor and perceptual difficulties
  • Membership with Alberta College of Occupational Therapists (ACOT)
  • Minimum of one year experience with the school-age population
  • Ability to apply knowledge of principles, guidelines, concepts and procedures
  • Strong interpersonal, organizational and time management skills
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • Valid driver’s license and reliable vehicle 

Please visit http://gypsd.ca/Employment.php to apply!